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We are a small, established Irish company, promoting the benefits of Irish wool, along with our range 

of pure natural wool products, to our loyal customer base in Ireland and beyond.



We are a couple living in County Meath, Ireland. We have always tried to live life in a simple but 

natural way. Wool has always been part of our lives – both in the wool clothing we wear and in our 

wool business.

We have the full range of Baavet products for our customers throughout Ireland. The Irish wool 

in our Baavet is far superior to polyester, feather, down or silk duvets – giving you the 

best night’s sleep ever.

We also stock a wide range of other wool products including Handwoven wool throws from Donegal and Silk and wool scarves that come in vibrant colours perfect for any outfit.

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How Baavet started?

Baavets were first developed by husband and wife team Roger and Lesley who have a small hill farm in Snowdonia, North Wales (His mother’s name is Eileen O’Dowd so there is a strong Irish connection!) They wanted to find a value added use for wool and thought that a wool duvet would be the thing.

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I bought a Baavet at the All Ireland Ploughing Match and just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are enjoying sleeping under it very much.  It is truly self regulating.  My husband has been sleeping "covered up" for the first time in many weeks as he is so hot with covers on.
Thank you.

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